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How an Apex Certificate Accelerates your Career Growth

Our Certificates are the most industry-recognized credentials by employers hiring product managers. We offer 3 separate Certificates that are designed to be taken consecutively. Where to start depends on your current experience. Where to end depends on how far you want to take your career.

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Product Manager Certificate

40 Hours 10 Modules

Perfect for:

Aspiring Product Managers from any professional background.

Get your first product management job:

Learn how to build digital products from end to end, lead cross-functional teams, bulletproof your resume and practice mock interviews.

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Product Leader Certificate

40 Hours 10 Modules

Perfect for:

PMC graduates or existing Product Managers with 3+ years of experience.

Move up the product management career ladder:

Operate as a senior-level Product Manager by digging deeper into every aspect of the product development cycle, and designing your product strategy.

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Product Executive Certificate

20 Hours 5 Modules

Perfect for:

PMC graduates or existing Product Managers with 5+ years of experience.

Join the C-Suite:

Our most advanced certificate is restricted to proven product leaders who want to get out of the building and learn from each other in a safe environment.

Find out how good you are at product management

Take a simple test to determine your level of knowledge. Answer a few questions and we will suggest a suitable course program for you.

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Why Choose Apex

Apex provides an unmatched online learning experience, with a world-class, data-driven learning plateform, engaging live classes that ephasize collaboration and feedback, and comprehensive training and development resources.

  • challenging and innovative product exercises
  • mentorship throughout the course
  • ways to ace product interviews
  • connections to the best companies hiring product managers

Join a Community of World-Class Porfessionals

When you take a Apex course, you are learning with the very best. Enroll today to tap into a global network of instructors and students at some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a job with the certificate?

Yes. It indicates you have the formal training on best practices to develop and lead successful products. You will not receive the certificate and suddenly get a call from Google. What’s key with the certificate is what you do with it. What have you built? Do you have the hard and soft skills required for the role? How can you lead a team? How do you approach new challenges? Just like a college degree - did your diploma guarantee a job? Ultimately, you have to put in the leg work and do the work to get your first PM job.

How long are the courses?

The product management training course consists of 40 hours of class time and 16 hours of guest lectures during 8 weeks. In addition to the classes, plan on spending 3-5 hours outside of class each week working on homework assignments about your product.

How is Apex different?

All of our instructors are active product managers at top technology companies. The program is hands-on, designed to be compatible with your work schedule and geared towards helping you transition successfully into a product role.

Who are the instructors?

Our Product Management instructors are professionals with over 5 years of real-world product management experience working at renowned tech companies like Google, Spotify, Uber, LinkedIn, and other technology startups. We have a very rigorous hiring process: 1 out of every 15-20 interviewed actually gets selected to become an instructor.

What does the curriculum cover?

The goal of the course is to teach you the fundamentals of product management within a technology company, and also how to get a job in product management. The way we define product management is the intersection between Marketing, Software Engineering, and UX Design. During the course, you will learn how to work with each of the 3 teams through the whole product development process.

What is the salary of a Product Manager?

According to, the average salary for product managers is $130,000. This number can be higher depending on your location, company and previous experience.

Do I need a technical background?

The more technical skills you have the better. Many students do not have a coding background. Most product manager jobs do not require that PM does the hard coding, though you can see that at a smaller startup where the PM handles every facet of the product cycle. Since we provide complimentary materials to supplement the product management course, most of our students have found that learning the coding concepts alongside product management can accelerate the learning process.

Do you offer fincanical aid?

Apex offers interest-free financing options to pay your tuition in small installments.

Is Apex licensed?

Apex is licensed by bureaus of private post-secondary education governing bodies.